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We are having some phone issues at Schmartboard. The best way to contact us in the meantime is at


Our Mantra at Schmartboard is "Electronics for Everyone". When we say this we mean it. We don't mean as long as you are using through hole components, or if you have hands as steady as a surgeon. We don't mean you can do it unless you are using a chip-scale or BGA device either. We mean that if you have at least reasonable motor skills you can work with any pitch component, chip-scale, or even BGA.

This opens up a new world for many engineers, hobbyists and students. We can teach a 10 year old, who has never held a soldering iron, to hand solder a .4mm Pitch chip...flawlessly, in 1 minute.

SchmartBoard is the easiest electronic circuit prototyping system on the market....PERIOD. If you haven't yet viewed our 3-minute flash animation, please do so now to see how we can make this claim.

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