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SchmartBoard Adds DFN Boards to ''EZ'' Solder SMT to DIP Lineup

Bot Thoughts, Prototyping Boards

Servo, Adding A Microcontroller to The Beginner Bot

Servo, Designing A Low Cost Laser

GreenArrays and SchmartBoard Make the GA144 Chip Accessible to Experimenters

Bot Thoughts, Propeller ADS7888 ADC driver

Servo Magazine, SOT 23 and SC70 SMT to DIP Adapter

Devmonkey, More SOIC Breadboard Options

Dangerous Prototypes, SchmartBoard announces SMT to DIP adapters

Servo Magazine, Robotic Farming with Swarm Technology, Prototype with Fine-Pitch SMT Connectors

microSOLUTIONS Announces SchmartBoard Contest Winners

Prospero, an Autonomous Micro Planter

Prospero the robotic farmer robotically plants seeds, makes humans even more lazy

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