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Understanding Signals Text

Parallax Part Number: 70009

This 144-page Stamps in Class guide shows you how to generate, view, and measure a variety of wave forms with the Parallax USB Oscilloscope and BASIC Stamp®-controlled circuits. Each activity includes an example circuit and PBASIC code, directions for configuring the oscilloscope and placing the probes, and screen-captures of the Parallax USB Software interface displaying the signal.

Our decision to integrate this scope into our educational program came about from our technicians using it at their desks, educators ordering several for their classes and requesting supporting tutorials, and general strong popularity among the BASIC Stamp community. The activities in Understanding Signals focus on waveforms common to circuits in other Stamps in Class guides, making this a perfect companion to enhance understanding of other Stamps in Class activity. Educators have requested for most of our Stamps in Class texts that we do not make the source code available for download since students learn programming quicker when they type the code themselves. Because the Understanding Signals text focuses on viewing, capturing and measuring signals instead of PBASIC programming, the source code available for download.

  • Analog inputs from photoresistors and A/D converters
  • RC-time in resistor-capacitor networks
  • Asynchronous serial communication between the PC and a BASIC Stamp module
  • Synchronous serial communication between a BASIC Stamp and ADC0831 A/D converter
  • Single and dual sine waves
  • Servo pulse signals over an entire range of motion
  • Pulse width modulation with infrared
  • Decoding of handheld infrared remote control signals
  • Voltage amplification and inversion with DC offset with an op-amp
  • BASIC Stamp 2 source code for the experiments in the book is available for download below.
Key Specifications:
  • Publisher: Parallax Inc
  • ISBN: 1-928982-23-9
  • Soft cover, 144 pages, Black & White
Note: For full feature details and system requirements for each software version, visit the Parallax Website link below.

Running the experiments in this text requires the Parallax USB Oscilloscope (#28014) and a Board of Education with a BASIC Stamp 2 (#28103) or a HomeWork Board (#28158), along with several components.

Software Versions and System Requirements:
There are two different software platforms for the Parallax USB Oscilloscope.
  • Version 4.0, which operates on Windows 2K/XP, is compatible with the Understanding Signals v1.0/v1.0a Stamps in Class text.
  • Version 5.1.1, which runs on Windows XP/Vista, does not support the Understanding Signals text.
The activities in Understanding Signals v1.0 require the Parallax USB Oscilloscope software version 4.0, which runs on most Windows 2K and XP operating systems. The Parallax USB Oscilloscope Software which runs on most Windows XP and Vista systems, does not fully support the activities in Understanding Signals.

For more information, downloads, and resources please visit the Parallax Webiste

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