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SchmartBoard - 710-0008-05 - Schmartboard PSoC 5LP Development Board (with Boot loaded PSoC 5LP IC) 710-0008-05

Schmartboard PSoC 5LP Development Board (with Boot loaded PSoC 5LP IC)

The board supports development utilizing the ARM® Cortex™ - M3 based PSoC5LP. This PSoC is Bootloaded-No Programmer is Required!
  • The board's DIP packaging layout plugs into a breadboard, or a prototyping board such as the 201-0302-01 to easily develop proof of concept systems or utilize in prototypes.
  • The PSoC chips operate from 0.5 V to 5.5V utilizing the on board boost converter that will operate from 0.5 V and 3.6 V, an LDO with up to 35 Vin or an external DC source.
  • It has 30 I/O that can be used for digital or analog signals as well as 2 CapSense® modules.
  • Configure your hardware resources as well as develop, download and debug your software with the free PSoC Creator IDE tool selecting library modules or create your own.
  • Full Speed USB 2.0 Mini-B connector for use with the bootloader to program your design. Schmartboard offers a standard Mini B USB Cable for your convenience.
  • Debug your USB designs with SnoopyPro free USB sniffer.
  • MiniProg3 header to download and debug your design.
  • Join the Cypress Developer Community™ or watch the PSoC Today video series
  • Schmartboard offers technical support for the development board, Cypress will support technical questions regarding PSoC.

Instructions (pdf)

Rev A has no version written in the silkscreen on the board, Rev B does. Please be sure to only use files for your Rev version.

Detailed Diagram Rev B (pdf)
Mechanical Dimensions Rev B (pdf)
Bill of Materials Rev B (pdf)
Schematic Rev B (pdf)
Silkscreen Layer Rev B (pdf)
Schmartboard Bootloader for PSOC Rev B Board (zip)

Rev A Files

Product Review 1

Detailed Diagram (pdf)
Brochure (pdf)

Hi-Res Product Photo

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