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SchmartBoards - SMT to DIP Adapters

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SchmartBoard - 204-0014-01 - .5mm Pitch, 48 Pin QFP and QFN Adapter 204-0014-01

SchmartBoard|ez .5mm Pitch, 48 Pin QFP & QFN Adapter

This product is a QFP and QFN to DIP adapter with a twist. These have our patented "ez" technology which means that soldering the surface mount component is simple, and as with all of our "ez" boards, we are the only company with a patented solution for easily soldering surface mount parts. This board supports .5mm pitch, 48 pin devices in both QFP and QFN packages. This board also includes room for 0805 SMT discrete components such as a bypass capacitor and pads for easy access to a ground. Additionally a large plated hole in the center of the device area, allows for the addition of solder to utilize ground pads on the bottom of the device. Standard headers have been included as a bonus for your convenience.

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